Find out what packages are installed on Linux – Debian, Ubuntu

November 25, 2011Comments Off

There is some situation when you need to know what packages are installed on your Linux system.  Example, if you want to maintain a minimal Linux (eg. a VPS), and you want to remove all unnecessary packages. But also if you want to know whether an individual package is installed on your system, or is…

Participate in the Open Source CMS Market Share Survey 2011

November 18, 2011Comments Off

In my previous posts I already shared the Open Source CMS Market Share Report 2008, 2009, and 2010 made by water & stone. water & stone is now (yet) in the process of gathering data for the fourth annual Open Source CMS Market Share Report. In this year’s report will be looking at survey data…

How To Add A Fake Domain To Your WAMP Server

November 13, 20112 comments

I have a local area network in my home office with some Windows and one Linux computers on it. My main computer is the main developer computer in my network. I run a WAMP server on it and some web scripts for testing and development purpose. Let’s name my main computer to ComputerOne, and every…

Windows 7 Network Connections Folder Is Empty (Solved)

November 12, 20111 comment

Yesterday, after a reboot, the “Network Connections” folder in my Windows 7 x64 had been empty, my network connections was disappeared. God. Network connections all still worked, but I couldn’t see them in the “Network Connections” folder. Strange. I tried to refresh the network connection window –> no success I tried to restart my network…

How to Open a Command Prompt in Windows 7

January 25, 2011Comments Off

I recently updgraded my system to Windows 7 and I wanted to run some commands, but did not find Start Menu>Run… After some searching I found the Command Prompt in Start Menu>All Programs>Acessories>Command Prompt. So if you want to run a command on Windows 7, open Start Menu>All Programs>Acessories>Command Prompt and you are eligible to…

Most Popular Open Source CMS 2010

December 15, 2010Comments Off

water & stone released the third annual Open Source CMS Market Share Report (2010). Previous reports are available here: 2008, 2009. The report assesses 20 Open Source Content Management Systems on a variety of metrics related to Rate of Adoption and Brand Strength. The analysis looks at a broad range of indicators — both direct…

A Real Hardcore Song: Sick Of It All – Death Or Jail

September 2, 2010Comments Off

SICK OF IT ALL – Death Or Jail (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album “Based On A True Story”. Century Media 2010.

Myles Kennedy and Dean Resonator

September 1, 2010Comments Off

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge talks about his Resonator Dean guitar also live footage 2008.

Open Source Web-Based Project Management Softwares

August 24, 2010Comments Off

Achievo Achievo is a web-based project management and tracking tool for small- to medium-sized companies. Features include a time registration module, scheduler, project management, todo’s, and several statistical tools. Achievo is multi-language, fully customizable, and uses a modular system to allow future extensions. Website: Collabtive Collabtive is web-based project management software.  It is Open…

RSS/Atom Feed Validators

August 23, 20101 comment

Allpodcasts RSS Feed Validator If your podcast has an RSS feed attached, ensure that it’s error free using this tool. Website: Experimental Online RSS 1.0 Validator This validator for RSS 1.0 generates an HTML page identifying any errors. Website: Feed Validator By entering your feed URL at Feed Validator, the service will literally…

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